Evidence of a REELY big Christmas

big smas

I had myself one ENORMOUS Christmas in 2012.  Know how I know?  Because yesterday I received my credit card bill.  It was as thick as Thomas Jefferson’s biography.

I’ll be lucky if I get out of debt before NEXT Christmas. 

Please just shoot me in the evil finger I used to type in my credit card number over and over and over.  I even know it by heart and recite it accidentally when someone asks for my social security number.


It’s amazing how easy it is to spend money when no cash actually changes hands and you can put off the pain until later.   But pain has a way of catching up and piling on….usually on a dark dreary day in late January.

Did I really order all these things and what the heck were they?  I was so proud of myself for discovering Amazon where I got free shipping because I’m a “member.”  I entertained myself  for hours browsing for just the right item for the loved ones on my list.  A Woofer sound system here, a raised garden bed there, a new can opener for me, and  ridiculously expensive cookies and candy for relatives far away. 

It all added up to six figures – well, if you count the cents.

Every January 1, my friend takes whatever credit cards she’s used for Christmas gifts that year and chucks them into the freezer. It keeps her from raising her balances any further, she says, while also serving as an effective reminder of her pledge every time she opens the freezer door. Of course that won’t work for people like me who can still log onto Amazon and avoid swiping.

I’m on a cash only diet from now on especially since I just heard credit card companies will begin charging an extra four percent “surcharge” today.  Thank goodness I got that whopping $28 dollar raised in social security.

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