Excavating the glove compartment

bewst glove compartment

Above is the “after” photo – too embarrassed to show “before.”

Since one of my “post-it note” new year’s resolutions was to clean out my truck, I decided to start yesterday before the rain drove me inside. I started with the glove compartment.

Why do they call it the “glove compartment” anyway? It reminds me a lot of my kitchen “junk drawer.” I found a millions little things including every insurance verification card since I bought the car seven years ago – but nary a pair of gloves. If fact, I don’t think I ever considered storing gloves in the “glove” compartment. Duh!

fd-taylormade-tour-glove-left Incidentally, I bought a great pair of running gloves in Birmingham last weekend at a discount house. Got them home and discovered I have two left handed gloves. What a shame that I only have one left hand.

Here’s how you’re supposed to clean out the glove compartment according my my friend who operates a home organizing service. Takes only 15 minutes.

Take out all the papers, straws, napkins, petrified hamburgers, etc. Spread all the stuff out over the seat. Sort items into a trash pile, keep somewhere else pile, and keep in car pile. Trash the rest.

Go through the “keep in car pile” to make sure everything is current. Wipe down the inside and outside of the compartment using warm water and a mild dish detergent or an all-purpose spray. I swear by Awesome, a product sold at the Dollar Tree. It’s…well, it’s awesome!

Return the keepers to the compartment. I added my left handed gloves in case I ever run into someone with two right hands.

I also added a small cosmetic kit with an extra toothbrush and some moisture cream in case I ever get marooned in a place like Birmingham again. Oh, and some Chapstick. Since that’s all my traveling companion had in the way of cosmetics this weekend when we were stranded, I used it as an under-eye moisturizer. Listen girls, I may be on to something. It worked great and I swear my crow’s feet have flown the coop.

4 thoughts on “Excavating the glove compartment

  1. Just curious! Why do runners need a special kind of glove? Those look sort of like golf gloves, to me, and perhaps some other sport gloves.

  2. I think it is called the “glove compartment” for the same reason we “crank” the car, but I’m not sure–this is straight off the top of my head–which can be dangerous sometimes. BUT, friend of mine from TX asked me one time why we in MS “crank” the car. She didn’t understand why we didn’t “start” the car like everyone else does. I started thinking about it, and it is probably from the time that one DID crank the car–with a thingy on the front of the car–which one probably needed gloves on to keep from getting blisters on one’s hands. Makes sense to me!

  3. Hi,
    Being from Texas, I can tell you that one thing our languages have in common is “thingie.” I have one for just about everything, matter of fact.
    Small world! Cuz

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