Face your junque


At 1 a.m. I awoke in a cold sweat and proceeded to experience a break down brought on by too many decisions to make and my habit of taking bad advice and the easy way out.

I won’t go into details but suffice it to say I had been spiraling out of control for weeks and had reached the edge if my sanity, if not the universe,  A small puff would have blown me beyond Earth’s gravitational pull, and I would have sailed off to another planet – without my lipstick or my peanut butter – the two things I will never go without.

cleaned up

Have you ever felt like that?  Momma said there’d be days like this but she forgot to tell me what to do – intimating that I must just sit and wait it out.  Never one to sit idly by when I can dig myself a deeper hole. I got out of bed and invented the Great Breakdown Recovery system.  

Listen, it worked beautifully and I’m back in business. Here’s what you do:

1) Go to your junque drawer – come now, everyone has one (see mine lead photo).  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  You know, that place where everything you don’t know what to do with goes to hide.  Mine is filled with long dried up magic markers, rancid lipsticks, a metal what-sit that looks important but I can’t recall why.  

2) Take your morning paper and spread it out over the cabinet.

3) Dump the entire drawer onto the paper.

4). This is critical – face what in that drawer can you live without? For me it was everything but my Tide spot remover, a note pad, several Emory boards and a few good pens.  I got so excited to see the neatly organized space that I moved to the next drawer which held a jumble of cloth napkins – most of which I haven’t used in years because they no longer go with my millennial color scheme. 


5) Brew a cup of coffee and sit down to savor your accomplishment.  Now you can recall what it feels like to have a modicum of control back in your whirling dervish of a life.

Try it, it works. An organized junque drawer equals organized mind.   You can thank me later.  Right now I’m moving on to the bathroom to dump those drawers.  

Today a drawer, tomorrow the world….

3 thoughts on “Face your junque

  1. when my husband spent 3 wks in the hospital, all I could control was the roll around hospital table. I constantly cleaned, reorganized, and filled the glass with ice and water. That was my one island I could manage. Worked for me.

  2. I can relate. When I’m upset or things seem out of control, I organize. Unfortunately, it usually costs me money because I go out and buy little organizing things. Ha!

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