Fake fronds – what an idea!

big_spiral8 Beverly and I were driving to Tupelo yesterday to do a television show on behalf of the Garden Expo (It opens Saturday in Starkville.)

Just as we reached the station, we became distracted by a huge pine tree stretching skyward. Beverly and I both have attention deficit disorder and we became so fascinated by the tree, we almost missed our interview.

There was something eerily different about that tree. Upon closer examination we deduced that it was some kind of tower which had cleverly been disguised as a tree.

A man at the TV station verified it was indeed a cell antenna. He told us there is another in town disguised as a huge towering flagpole complete with American Flag.

Have you seen these things?  What an improvement over the towering metal blights in our pristine Mississippi landscape. Okay, they look a tiny bit unnatural, but incorporated into a stand of pines, you can hardly tell.

I want to order one to replace the telephone poll  which was planted by Papa Bell – practically at my back door.  I tried painting it with flowers but the neighbors thought I was nuts.

Now, I’m thinking of gluing the branches from my old Christmas tree to the pole.  (I may have too much time on my hands after all.)

2 thoughts on “Fake fronds – what an idea!

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