Fall was made for porches and birthday parties

Brenda's 65th 022

There’s nothing like a porch party with good friends on a fall afternoon.

Today was extra special because it was Brenda’s birthday – a big one.  The biggest in fact – the one where she gets to join that famous fraternity called Medicare!

After cake and ice cream, we retired to the front porch to do come swanging and solving the world’s problems.

Brenda's 65th 007

Brenda didn’t get to blow out her candles – her grandchildren, Nathan and Madeline helped her out with that chore.

Brenda's 65th 024

I wish everyday could be a Sunday in fall when problems seem small and neighbors and friends seem like family.

Someone joked the other day that friends were God’s way of making up for assigning you to your family.

I don’t know about that, but I’m sure glad to have Brenda and Ginger as my adopted family.

Early fall really is the best season of the year in my opinion. It’s not yet cold enough to make the leaves fall, and lawns are still green.  You can cut off the air conditioner,  air out the house and dream of your first pot of chili.

On top of that, the Saints beat Houston and the Dawgs took down Louisiana Tech.  It just doesn’t get any better than that. Well, unless the Rebels had won.  Just wait until next year.

3 thoughts on “Fall was made for porches and birthday parties

  1. Thanks to my son John and daughter-in-law Melissa for the delicious lunch and my sister, Ginger, for the homemade Paula Dean chocolate cake…(her first). Yummmm! Having family, friends, and fellowship only led to a fun afternoon. In the words of my mother-in-law, Mama Jess Montgomery,”Dadbob I did make it!” Fall and porch parties truly are the best and oh, the sweet memories!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Brenda! You are still as beautiful as ever and such cute grands! Love some porch sitting, especially on Montgomery Street…miss those days!

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