Feels like 5 Below

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No, not the weather, silly.  I’m feeling like a trip to “5 Below”, a shopping girl’s mecca for all things colorful and trendy.  I discovered one in Nashville this weekend and am happy to report there is probably one coming your way very soon.  The 5 Below earnings and stock prices are soaring.  Ah, inflation…

I supposed it was inevitable that the Dollar Tree would spawn an even better source for tight wads and recreational shoppers.  I predict 5 Below will make the Dollar Tree – where items have been downsized to laughable proportions – obsolete.



I purchased a $5 padded cover for my Ipad which I’m told retails for $15 at other outlets. Okay so it is probably “pleather,” but to the naked eye (one not wearing glasses) it looks and feels like GenuWine cowhide.  As most of you  know I now disdain the use of animal products since becoming a vegetarian and a hippie.  Pul-ese – no boos from the peanut section – I’m just trying on this new personna as an experiment. to pretend I’m as young at heart as a yucky – ur, scuse me, make that a yuppie.

ipad purse I also bought a padded handbag for the IPad with little compartments for cash, credit cards and the necessary tube of lipstick. It’s so cute I’m carrying it without my Ipad.

At 5 Below I found my mineral powder for $3.  It would have set me back at least $20 bucks at Sephora.  They also carry yoga pants with matching tops, but I’m still contemplating Yoga. I’m just not yucky, er yuppie enough to plunge into that pool just yet.

Thumbs up to 5 and Below.  Be looking for one coming near you soon.  A huge warehouse is going up in Olive Branch, I hope in anticipation of opened more stores in the southeast. Bring it!

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