Figuring out what it’s all about


It has occurred to me over the last several weeks that I have a large case of arrested development.  I simply don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  Once again, Netflix to the rescue!

Let me explain.  Over my eight-week incarceration ( the sentence was to eight weeks of extreme boredom for the crime of wearing stilts most of my life), I watched a lot of Netflix since I couldn’t do much else but beg my friends to make Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup runs to Fred’s from time to time.


After watching 13 seasons of Midsummer Murders twice and developing an English accent I decided to see what else Netflix has to offer.  I stumbled across  whole categories of English Cottage gardening which fascinated me.  The beauty, color and questionable tidiness appealed to my mercurial sensibilities and suddenly I KNEW why my myriad of careers have never been entirely satisfying. I was MEANT to be a cottage gardener and I’m beginning my new career today.

I am going to begin by planting my big urn today with colorful cascades of something they grow everywhere in Midsomer (a fictional community but a charming one nonetheless).  Nel Slaughter, who has been watching the series with me commented that she is surprised anyone is left in the village because no less than four people get murdered in each episode!! It’s a delicious pastime and has become my guilty pleasure.

I strolled around my wasteland of a garden which still had some determined perennials peaking around the weeds and thorny vines.  Several limelight hydrangeas had been choked to death.  My garden was therefore named “The Great Starkville Garden Murder” and I really deserve continued incarceration. I dream of something akin to the garden below. (I am nothing if not ambitious and deluded.)


I strolled around my  garden with my idea book and began listing the chores which need doing before I can begin the fun stuff of planting new things. My prize phlox and one-time spectacular monarda are needing CPR.

I vowed to clean up at least one square yard each and every day, rain or shine.  Today I found an entire brick path completely covered by that dastardly Asiatic Jasmine (I figure it’s from China like everything else clogging up our lives) .  Ditto for Periwinkle which has eaten my back garden alive.


Anyway.  My new career is underway and even have an umbrella hat to wear when its raining.

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  1. love midsomer murders, inspector Lewis , Morse and of course,
    Rosemary and Thyme……….

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