The Deluded Diva

Finding courage in unlikely places


Yesterday I reached one of those milestone years.  Thanks to that world menace, Facebook, now everyone knows which one.  Let’s just say I have 364 days remaining before I enter my 70s.

As I mulled over how to spend this wealth of days, I got a call from my friend who sounded literally on top of the world.  She had discovered the meaning of life in the span of about 35 minutes.

“I finally cleaned out my refrigerator and now I am quitting my job to open my own shop,” she announced. I was so inspired by her discovery of the secret of courage, that I went immediately to my refrigerator and surveyed a world so scary I may stop eating cold food.  I decided to incorporate The One Minute Rule.  For one minute, I did what I could to clean up that toxic waste dump.One minute grew to two, then ten, then 20.  See how that works?

Out went the jar of marinated asparagus spears that dated to Valentines Day along with a jar of preserves which had been living rent free for years.  I felt so much better I began combining 14 jars of mustards (I’m a mustard freak) which lurked half used on every shelf.  The results were so wonderful I’m thinking of bottling mustard under my own label.

I spent only 14 minutes on the big refrigerator clean-up and felt so pumped I went out and ran a mile.  Go figure.

But first, clean out your refrigerator and find courage for whatever you’ve been procrastinating.

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