Finding the perfect man in Perdido

All that planning for hours of lolling on the beach flew out the window when we arrived in Perdido Bay yesterday.  We got derailed in the kitchen of our condo for some libations.

man of dreams

Next we headed out to Wolfbay Lodge for some fried oysters.  Turned out to be a very productive evening since Marie and Betty Lynn finally found the man of their dreams – a very dead skeleton who the restaurant has named “Capt. Morgan.”  He’s perfect because he can’t argue or take control of the remote. I guess they’ll have to fight it out to see who takes him home.

man of our dreamas

The entire beach group from West Point High School Class of 65 includes from left includes Carole, Linda, Betty Lynn, Beth, Capt. Morgan, Marie, Emily and Norma.

5 thoughts on “Finding the perfect man in Perdido

  1. Wish I could be there. It looks like you are having so much fun at the beach. I heard that it is really hot there! Would you believe Jill and I were on Pike’s Peak today with the temp of 24 degres, a wind chill of 12, and snow! To top all that, my friend who is staying in my house this week called today to say that a snake had gotten into my house by crawling under my door from the garage! I was planning to move out, but while they went to the beach, the snake decided to go back into the garage and they got a neighbor to catch and release it. It was 15″ long but nonvenemous, thank goodness! It better not come back or it will not be so lucky next time. I HATE SNAKES!

  2. How do y’all manage to look so good?? What a testimony to CHOCOLATE!

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