Fire at the dinner table

William's 36th 004 Thankfully, the fire wasn’t at my house this time. It was set on purpose to delight diners – made me want to run for the hills.

The occasion was my son William’s 36th birthday which we’ve been celebrating for the last three days. 

Last night we tried out Umi’s, the Japanese Hibachi grill in Starkville.  It came complete with a food fight as the chef attempted to throw rice balls into the mouths of diners.

 William's 36th 002The floor was littered with food that missed it’s mark.

They tell me the sushi was fresh and delicious.  Personally, I’d rather eat bait.

But it was beautiful to behold.

We came home with four more “go boxes” – to add to the  two from The Veranda two nights ago and one from Olive Garden yesterday for lunch.

Today, I think I’ll just pull out all the boxes and we’ll have a picnic. 

William's 36th 001

5 thoughts on “Fire at the dinner table

  1. A group of us WP “FPC church ladies” were in the sunroom of the Veranda Thurs. evening and saw you and “the boys” going in. I know they’ve been enjoying all of mama’s home cooking, haven’t they?? ; )

  2. I finally saw what one of your sons looks like. You have never shown me any pictuares.

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