First tomato harvest

first harvest 018

I arrived home from the beach to find my kitchen cabinets covered up with squash, zucchini, cucumbers and one lone tomato.  It wasn’t particularly pretty, but I was thrilled anyway. 

We planted 16 tomatoes – five different varieties including several heirlooms. They’re all coming along nicely and we should have enough to make some salsa way before the Fourth of July.

Braddock hasn’t gotten the hang of “pickin'” and he let one zucchini get the size of a baseball bat. I’m going to shred it and try to make zucchini bread. If anyone has a recipe you really like, I’d love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “First tomato harvest

  1. Congratulations!

    You beat me, I have one nearly ripe tomato, and lots more on the way


  2. Ain’t it great! Ours wasn’t too pretty, but like you say, more are on the way. Do you have a system for discouraging the birds?

  3. We just picked our first tomato, too. It actually looked really good. Jimmy couldn’t wait to taste it, and with our grandboys, Clark, Hays and Gracen here, they all had a taste. We do have a bird problem because we encourage them with several feeders in our yard, however with the feeders so close by, they leave the garden alone.

  4. Hey Brenda – how’s Jimmy doing? Been worried about him. Everything okay now?
    I heard the Class of 64 Sunday service is available on video – do you know how I could get a copy?

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