Five things you can’t live without


So I’d love to know, what are five things you can’t live without in your home? Let’s keep it within the four walls of your house to avoid going off topic.

I know we all need love, food, water, electricity… but I’m curious to know which products or favorite things would cause you to leap through tall flames to save during a fire?  It may be a vintage chair, something from childhood, or a favorite article of clothing. Come on. Share.  Inquiring minds need to know.

I’ll go first. Narrowing the list to five was a challenge but here are my most favorite possessions – at least on this day in time – in no particular order:

*My new recliner.  I could live in it for the rest of my life.  I read in it, watch the Boob tube in it, eat in it, and sleep in it.  If I could get some seat belts for it I could strap myself in and never leave.  Unfortunately Rebel and Lucky Dawg love it too and it gets a little crowded in there;

MAC2*My MAC eye make-up base.  I guess this reveals my basic shallowness.  What does it say about me that something that seals my eye make-up is more valuable than my refrigerator;

*My old claw footed bathtub.  When I’m not in the recliner, my second favorite place is the tub.  It is the perfect size for soaking and reading which is why all my books are warped and shriveled from being dunked in the water when I fall asleep;

cheap-reading-glasses-blog2 *My coffee maker. I’d rather part with my cook-top than my coffee pot.

*My dollar tree reading (and seeing) glasses.  Since I’m a bit on the cheap and forgetful side, those inexpensive dollar tree glasses are a lifesaver.  I would go broke replacing prescription specks. My current collection ranges in strength from 1.0 to 3.5.  I have two chains around my neck  – one for the 1.0s (distance) and the 3.5 (close-up). Very confusing, and my eyesight is STILL getting a little fuzzy.

These are a few of my favorite things – oh, and I guess my internal organs which make all things possible.

21 thoughts on “Five things you can’t live without

  1. I thought of 5 off the top of my head:

    1. My flat iron. Gotta have that straight hair.
    2. My memory foam countour pillow.
    3. My contacts. I prefer them over glasses.
    4. My new vacuum cleaner.
    5. My portable DVD player. It makes mindless chores enjoyable.

  2. What kind of vacuum did you get? I bought a new one two months ago and I think I just broke it trying to empty the bagless container. I slammed it so hard against the trash can trying to shake out the dirt, it fell apart. Rats.

  3. Actually, you don’t OWN anything that you can’t live without. We do have lots of THINGS that we love and don’t want to be without. I found out after the hurricane what the irreplacable things are:

    1. The pictures of your children-and family- from babyhood on up.
    2. The cathedral window quilt made by your mother (especially since she doesn’t remember how to do it anymore.)
    3. The piece of furniture made by your great-grandfather in 1896.
    4. The cameo ring which an aunt got in 1921 when she was a student at MSCW.
    5. All the notes and art work done by your children when they were small.

    The only things that were saved were the things I had already given away! I think this says, if you want to keep something- give it to someone you love.

  4. First one that comes to mind is my double decker air mattress — just replaced my first one this past weekend,and I believe this one is even more comfortable!

    Right now, I need to spend a few quality hours with that mattress before I’ll be able to think of four more things to list. Had to take a migraine tablet this evening, and have been groggy ever since.


  5. It’s a GE programmable number, Olivia, with carafe built into a little tower – like the way it looks, but it dribbles like every other pot I’ve ever owned.

  6. 1. Paintings done by my Mom
    2. My dog
    3. Some favorite books
    4. Photo albums
    5. Michael Buble CD’s

    what??? I love Michael Buble.

  7. The best coffee maker is the Cuisinart Brew Central. I don’t drink coffee but bought this for my husband. It is programmable and he loves it. No dribbling here.

  8. I luv that new recliner, Em. I need a new one BAD and that one looks real girly. The only comfy ones I’ve tried look like they belong in the MAN CAVE. Help ! Where did you find it ?

  9. Never heard of Buble (but I googled him – pronounced Booblay’ for the other uninformed)- Now I’ve got to go listen to some tunes….

  10. You can buy a recliner just like it (very reasonably I might add) at Merchandise Warehouse in Starkville – across from Giggleswick on Highway 12. I couldn’t decide between the wine or sage green. I love it because you’d never know it’s a honking recliner!

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