For sale: My dream house!

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Today I toured my dream house.

I’ve been loving  it for 40 years plus,  and wondered how it would feel to live there.

This week I was stunned to see a “For Sale” sign in the yard.  Of course, I had to see it from the inside out.

I called my realtor friend, Theresa Tiffin, and we went through it today.

I sat on the front porch and rocked and dreamed.  I marveled at the cedar closets and the floors in which you could see your reflection.

I drooled over the seven foot windows and 12-foot ceilings. The couple who restored the place did a fabulous job.

I called Charlie Weatherly  who lives nearby,  and he told me it was haunted.  Oh, that made me want it even more!  It’s as solid as Jefferson Davis ‘hisself’ and was built in 1873.  The price was right.  What do you think. Should I buy it?

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15 thoughts on “For sale: My dream house!

  1. If the price is right I say go for it. You will regret it if you don’t. Just think, you could always have a haunted open house at Halloween .

  2. Emily,
    I have always admired this house, too. You have my okay to buy it!

  3. Buy it Emily! Last summer, my daughter and her husband bought a home also built in 1873 — in the small college town of Mt. Pleasant MI. Their home is rock solid, charming and enchanting. It possesses many stories that are part of the history of Mt. Pleasant. The wife of the original owner was a suffragette and invited Susan B. Anthony to speak in Mt. Pleasant. There was opposition to that invitation and Ms. Anthony was not allowed to stay in the local hotel. She stayed with the Doughty family in their home. Mr. Doughty was the publisher of the newspaper. When his printing office burned, he immediately ordered a new press from Detroit and set it up in the front room of the house. The indentations in the floor from the printing press are still there. Buy the house-enjoy finding the stories.

  4. What a great story Marguerite – I must research the past of this house – story goes that the builder is buried in the garden. I bet there are more stories….

  5. Emily,
    You are so lucky to have homes like that from which to choose and be conflicted re:making up your mind. I’ve been looking for months for another house, but there is nothing here. Guess all the hurricanes over the decades took their toll on this part of Tx. Your finding this dream home makes me want to move to the true south more and more.
    I say go for it and don’t wait too long – someone else may jump on it.

  6. Hey Martha. Saw Lee and Peggy today and we are looking forward to your visit in August. You won’t believe the prices of homes in the Point. You will be amazed. Come on back girl. My theory is that everyone who ever lived in the Golden Triangle will be coming back to retire and we can recreate our childhoods.

  7. I have been wondering what happened to the owl that perched on the roof for as long as I can remember. Love the house and think you should buy it!

  8. No, no, not live. At first I thought it was but starting looking every time I passed the house and it was there. Cant remember when I first noticed it was missing. Surely someone besides me can remember it. Maybe we can track it down. It really added to the curb appeal!

  9. Emily, as one of the neighbors… I say go for it if you want it.. I had a dream house once and have one again! It’s wonderful. We’ll miss you but you’d still be within the “no car” zone.

  10. This home was built by C. A. Sullivan in the 1870’s and purchased by Captain William Robert Lanier in 1879 for his growing family. His wife was Josephine Bell. Dorothy Lanier is my first cousin, and she was raised in that house after her mother died when Dorothy was in her teens. Dorothy is still alive if you want more information on the home.

  11. Thank you Clare! Does she live in Starkville? Yes, would love to talk to her but don’t find a listing in the new phone book.

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