Fresh and flavorful: Southern cooking is best

peas and cornbread 001 

My neighbor Brenda, who is the best cook in the world, spent the entire day yesterday picking peas in her son’s garden.  They laid them out on a sheet to dry a bit, then shelled them with a commercial sheller.

She just brought over a mess of the peas and cornbread.  I was thinking of boiling an egg and making tuna for dinner.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to do that. I gave her a bag of fresh figs in return.

I stood over the kitchen sink and savored the wonderfully seasoned peas while we discussed world events.  I can’t imagine that caviar could hold a candle to these little jewels. I asked how she prepared them because they were the best I’ve tasted since my grandmother died.

First of all, they were the freshest of fresh.  She added a wee little bit of bacon drippings and a pinch of sugar, just like her grandmother did and boiled them until they were tender.

All you hoity toity chefs on the Foodnetwork, step back.  Nothing you can make will ever hold a candle to Southern cooking.

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