From good to GREat!!!

The headline should have read “From great to greater”.  Every time I think about the Mississippi State women’s basketball performance at the final four last night, I start to cry.  I cried right along with Morgan William last night when she was grabbed by Coach Schaefer.  

I was at the car wash this morning (I only wash my car when we get a big win which means I have the cleanest car on the block these days). A complete stranger started up a conversation about the game and asked if I saw Dak sitting up front in his bulldawg shirt.  The tears started just like they did all those years ago when Dak led us all the way to Number 1 college football team in the nation.

I also finally met my neighbors last night after the game.  Everyone on the block gathered outside for an impromtu pep rally.  I was embarrassed that I’d never met the young men who rent the house across the street.  Now we’re best friends!

I never saw so many big plays in one game just when we needed it most.  The girls were feeding off the energy of each other and what a comeback after last year!  We spanked that U Conn team for their nastiness last year.

Do we have another win to pull up tomorrow when we meet South Carolina for the championship?  My new hero – WIlliam says “Yes.”   I’m  going to be sitting here in my Bulldawg shirt and lucky socks at 5 p.m.. Does anyone know what network? 





4 thoughts on “From good to GREat!!!

  1. Sure wish I had set my timer back home so I could watch these games over and over . UConn fans in our hotel compliment our girls. Stanford fans tell us how grateful they are to our girls for breaking U Conn’s run. This is Bulldog country. Lots of MSU fans to cheer for MSU.

  2. I was sitting in my new home in Monroe, GA, and watched every one of the MS State girls games. A little after 12:00 AM GA time, I was yelling, crying, screaming and cheering on our MS Girls as Itty Bitty made that famous shot. I wanted to tell everyone in my new neighborhood, but most were fast asleep. Can’t wait to see what today brings. I’ll be watching ESPN and again cheering on our MSU girls.

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