Frosty pays a visit

snowman 1-10-11 009

We got out this a.m. and built a snowman before our 2-3 inches melted away.  Thankfully, I have young neighbors anxious to do the deed – something we don’t get to do but once in a blue moon.

I provided a bowl of cranberries for his mouth, and the hat.  I figure if it blows away, so be it – never wore it anyway.  All the frolicking in the snow reminded me of 1964 – or was it ‘63 when we got a major snow in my hometown of West Point.  There was a snowman in every yard in my neighborhood.

I took this opportunity to wear my new knock-off UGS.  Well, let me tell you, I should have paid the extra $30 for the real thing.  These things are like walking on glass smudged with vaseline.  They should be called THUGS. I couldn’t stand up because my feet just slid apart and a 50-something woman should never have to do the splits.

After slipping down twice, I had to supervise the rest of the snowman construction, my favorite thing to do.

One thought on “Frosty pays a visit

  1. I remember that “snow storm”. We walked home from the high school so we could get out before they changed their mind about letting us go. So many good memories!!

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