Frugal Friday – Impulse Buying


Okay, I admit it.  I’m impulsive about everything, especially when purchasing those  “gazinka pins” that I pick up on sale. They are crowding me out of my house.


“Gazinka pins” are my name for the mountain of useless items that I thought I HAD to have i.e. the Fleur de Lis nightlight I bought when the Saints were going to the Super Bowl.  It drives me crazy because I can’t stand any light seeping into my bedroom at night.

Then there’s the fake UGH boots which have no tread and it’s like walking on butter which isn’t safe at any age.

And did I really need that old manual typewriter I picked up at a garage sale.  It weighs a ton and needs constant dusting.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

I think I’ve found a great way to curb impulse purchases – I must credit a lady who wrote to with the following message:

We are all tempted at times to buy something on impulse. In the past, maybe this wasn’t an issue, but perhaps something has happened recently to cause us to need to be more frugal.

Last year, my husband was off work for a considerable time with an injury. Prior to that, I wouldn’t have thought twice about buying a hand cream, a book, or even going out for coffee. With our income being so depleted, I had to have a rethink.

Every time I was tempted to buy something on impulse and didn’t, I moved that amount of money from my checking account to a savings account. It didn’t matter whether it was $1 or $25. By the end of the year, we had over $600 saved that we put towards Christmas, which would have otherwise been very lean indeed!

My husband is now back at work, but I still implement this as a savings plan. After all, I’ve proved I can do it, and if I decide I “really” need what I was going to purchase, it will always be there next week. I’ve never gone back to purchase the temptation, and that extra lump sum is a wonderful safety net should the unexpected arise. And it always does. Doesn’t it?

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