Fun with food on a stormy day

It’s a yucky day in Mississippi which is perfectly fine with me.  That means I get to stay inside and watch season 3 of “West Wing”. 

Since I have declared this my day off I don’t want to cook so I looked inside my freezer and discovered dinner can be ready in 13 minutes with no effort on my part.  Well a minimum.

I tossed a salmon fillet in the microwave for two minutes. I spread a squirt of Grey Poupon mixed with a teaspoon or so of Splenda brown sugar (okay I only saved 16 calories but it doesn’t run your blood sugar up) on top.  I spelled out my name just for fun. 

I find that when you turn 50 (or is it 70, I forget) you entertain yourself any way you can.  i placed the doctored salmon on a cookie sheet and dumped the remains of my most brilliant discovery ever – Alexia sweet potato fries. This brand is head and shoulders above the fakey crinkle cut fries every other brands make.  They look like they were cut by my grandmother – all different sizes and lengths.  (They come out of the oven like Mamma just drained them from a pot of lard.)  But back to this complicated recipe.

Bake it all at about 425 degrees for 10 or 11 minutes.  Done.

Listen y’all.  This is delicious.   I’ll be taking a nap soon.  The rain is moving out and leaving us with the most delightful chill in the air.  I just wish I hadn’t lost my Lucky Dawg last week.  She would be in my lap.

In memoriam:




5 thoughts on “Fun with food on a stormy day

  1. I think I didn’t send you a Happy Birthday message,but I didn’t forget. I planned to do it later in the day and never got back on my iPhone. I hope it was a special day. I will try those fries. We love sweet potato fries! Bless you!

  2. LOVE those fries…and precious Lucky Dawg was “lucky” to have you. Enjoy the sweet memories.

  3. My friends Nancy and Jean told me about your blog, and I am enjoying it.
    (Sorry about The Dawg.)
    I think it’s because they think I am deluded too.

  4. Welcome Betsy! I love being deluded. Life is so much more fun that way. What part of the country are you from if you don’t mind my asking…

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