Get ready for Mardi Gras


The Mardi Gras party held in West Point tonight was as good as any I’ve experienced in The Big Easy. 

I’ve lived through lots of fund raisers and Mardi Gras celebrations,  but this was the best supported event I’ve ever seen. What do you think Frank? Four hundred?  Easy.


Frank Portera put on a show that unfortunately I can’t show you.  In all the confusion of taking pictures of people in funny hats and wild costumes, sampling a fabulous smorgasbord, I came home with an Olympus camera which doesn’t belong to me and someone else has my Nikon with all my priceless photos.

My computer can’t read that camera and I’m wondering who is trying to read the strange camera which came home with them? 

It doesn’t really matter because I still  hold the memories: Jimmy Henley in his big ole blinking Mardi Gras Cowboy Hat, and Marie with  her hot pink feather hair piece and Butch Luke in his fabulous white ponytail. (I DO like a man with a pony tail.)

I remember Annie’s cheese straws and those fabulous raisin tarts, the creamy dips, the artichoke everything, the first slow dance and the harsh recognition that no one was going to ask me to dance.

This was a fund raiser for the wonderful no-kill animal shelter in West Point.  They don’t euthanize, they go to extreme lengths to find foster homes and permanent homes for God’s greatest creations.  They need help. Now, if I can find my camera. 

8 thoughts on “Get ready for Mardi Gras

  1. You certainly should have been asked to dance! You looked wonderful. Not dancing makes me very sad, but Lawrence quit shuffling his feet when he quit drinking and that’s been eight years. Thank God for his sobriety, but I wish he would dance. The world would be a better place if more men danced. Too bad Bucky Kellogg couldn’t come because he’s a dancing machine.
    I’m so proud of the “crew” for putting on a bash that New Orleans would have been proud of.
    Always so good to see you.
    Keep on dancin’

  2. Emily,
    I posted the camera issue to the shelter Facebook page…maybe the one who has your problem in reverse will see it.

  3. Emily you are more than welcome to my card if you can use it. I was a picture taking fool. I have already posted all of my pics on fb.
    btw, next year you and Annie must join all us dancin’ girls that just jumped in and started dancing with one unsuspecting couple after another.we danced until Butch cut off the lights.
    So glad you all came and were a part of such an awesome evening.

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