Get your life moving again


I read a feng shui tip yesterday on how to create more harmony in your home or office, and get yourself out of any ruts that have mired your life.

All you have to do is move 27 objects.  Now don’t go all ballistic on me – doesn’t have to be the piano or armoire. It can be something as small as the hand print your son made for you at boy scout camp or a tube of lipstick you hide on the fireplace mantle for emergencies.

Hmmm.  My kitchen and living space had become boring and stale.  I gave it a try.   First I removed everything – I mean EVERYTHING from my kitchen cabinets and tables in the living room.  I washed it all down to the floors, then left it blank for 24 hours.

It was very pleasant to see the open spaces.  I could breathe again!

Of course all the “stuff” was on the dining room table which didn’t do much for my dining experience yesterday.

This morning, I pulled out my favorite objects and placed them differently.  I liked the effect very much.  The rest of the stuff went in a box to give to Palmer Home second hand store.

I recommend this.  Just walk around and pick up 27 objects in your space.  Supposedly this allows you create a chi hurricane of change in your space and in your life.

Today, I’ll address my home office.


3 thoughts on “Get your life moving again

  1. I like this idea a lot!
    Can’t wait to have a day to do it.
    The thing I have a hard time with is getting rid of the excess stuff!

  2. Me too! I’ve been known to finally throw some ole something away, only to go out later and retrieve it out of the garbage can! I fear I’m a hoarder in the making.

  3. If you need any tips on how to hoard more efficiently (stacking properly) give me a call. Ive been practicing for years.

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