Getting crafty at Christmas time


Handmade crafts have never been my “thang”.  Well except when I was a little girl I made a paper chain for our Christmas tree and even that didn’t turn out all that well.

My friend, Kay from Tupelo, decided it was time that I learn to craft again since we’re retired and all.  Besides, my mental age has returned to about age five anyway. .  So she came down this week to teach me how to make Deer Beer.  You may have seen them on Pinterist and they are pretty cute.

She brought the glue gun and all the supplies and I bought three six-packs of imported beers which would be gifts for my three male friends.  Yes, I’m down to three these days and lucky to have them.

We wrapped pipe cleaners around the necks of the long necks to make the antlers then glued on “googly eyes” which she tells me have multiple uses.  (Just what that would be I’m not sure)

We finished them off with little puffs for their noses to make them resemble Rudolph.  Suddenly as I struggled to get the keep the glue from turning my fingers to a pulp, I realized I was actually focusing on something, a rarity for this ADD afflicted senior citizen.  However I also suffer from LFT – low frustration tolerance – so I only completed three six packs before I began to feel stressed.

They turned out pretty cute and I may go buy my own glue gun to add to my vast gun collection which includes a shot gun that doesn;t work and a nail gun I’m afraid to use.

Thanks Kay.  I really had a good time but mostly because we talked about our old days at Ole Miss where we lived side by side in Stewart Dorm.  We both have different memories of those days so it’s fun to get some of my memories back.

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  1. ❤️ It! Many years ago , I heard about a thing called “grandma glue” .It was homemade glue made from sugar, boiled water and maybe something else. I made some to use for a craft project. This craft idea involved cheese cloth and the glue. The plan was to mix the glue and cheesecloth together, drape. It over a 2 liter bottle and shape them to resemble ghost for Halloween. I added google eyes and they were adorable! I packed them away to use next year, imagine my shock when I unpacked them to find nothing there. I found a tiny scrap or two, realizing my sugary glue had become a sweet snack for who knows what! I probably killed no telling what with sugary cheesecloth , google eyes and all. It never occurred to me that my thrifty little idea was also a rodent killer. I imagined said rodents carrying cheesecloth in their stomachs . I decided to keep this crafty idea to myself and pay for the real stiffy glue instead.

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