Getting Happy

Happy wandered in from outer space yesterday.

Okay.  I’ve officially lost my mind.  While trying to get over the loss of Lucky Dawg and Rebel, my 15-year old puppies who died within three weeks of each other, I suddenly find myself with two new puppies and I’m back right where I was.  I’m rehouse-training two new puppies named Lucky Too (II) and Happy.

Hey give me a break.  I have no grandchildren and next time you show me photos on your Iphone of your grandchildren. I”ll have something to show you!


Happy joins my already expanding family which includes P.Diddie who I found as a newborn in my flower bed.  She was blind in one eye and I guess she was abandoned by her mother who wanted only perfect children (a condition which never has and never will exist since the Madonna gave birth to Jesus.

The newest addition, Happy, was a soon to be homeless dog which I immediately adopted and brought home with me yesterday.  It was love at first sight.  She is an unknown variety I have named the Ewoc breed because I’m pretty sure she is from outer space.

For all you animal-less people out there, you should give this adoption thing a try. A month ago it was just P.Diddie (the homeless cat pictured above on the mantle where she sleeps).Then Happy sauntered right into my house and relieved herself on my living room rug which I guess has been used for such activity in the past by someone (just hope it wasn’t me).

So now I’m a Happy girl again and looking for a house sitter to come stay so I can go to the coast with my other girls next month.

Warning don’t come near my house when we are fighting.  A house full of females can be scarry.



10 thoughts on “Getting Happy

  1. Sorry about Lucky Dawg and Rebel and delighted you have Happy and Lucky Dawg too. Happy looks like poodle and French bulldog mix. Updated phone and lost all phone numbers and backup…funny thing though lawyers number was the one that was still in phone. Took to Verizon and they could not recover! So if you would email me number again as I have coupon code I could give you for wisdom .com to determine if your dog is from outer space or of the ewock breed..we did this with the terrier terrorist sisters??. Love you and your blog cousin ❤️❤️

  2. Love your new pups & you. A house isn’t a home without furbabies!! My great niece dog sits. She goes to MSU.. Let me know if you don’t find someone.. Love Happy’s look. Always wanted a poodle..

  3. Ann that sounds like someone I should cultivate- is she here this summer? Could you send her name and number to my phone -662- 312-0832? So is That Jane’s daughter?

    And Pat – add this number back in your phone -and. what’s the latest on coming to Braddock reunion in August?

  4. Sorry about your dogs. That is sad, but you found the best cure ever! Two new ones!
    Can’t wait to meet your new “girls”!

  5. Cuteness personified!! Happy days ahead after you successfully potty train them. Just one look at the FACE & WOW EARS of Happy clarifies why it was “love at first sight”.

  6. First of all, he does not look real. And I heartily believe Happy did wander in from outer space. But He IS adorable and he looks like a chihuahua and terrier mix. Did you prop his ears up with blue tape and popicle sticks? LOL! I hope he makes you as happy as he looks! God bless you!

  7. Hehe- that sounds like something I might do – but this pup needs no help looking cute. How could anyone give her up!!!

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