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Each year at Thanksgiving I’m reminded to begin the endless search for a journal for the New Year in which to record my brilliant, yet somewhat jaded, reflections.  This year I bought a plain ole black book which I think was designed to be an artists sketch book…significant I believe, since I will use it to sketch out the life I’ve been chasing for more than 60 years. (and haven’t yet caught).


I will begin the new black journal on Friday which I feel is appropriate since it is widely known by this frantic consumer-focused society as Black Friday.  That’s a concept I have religiously rejected and cannot understand. Standing in long lines and having cash extorted by a department store seems like a horror movie to me.

tebelsI know, I know.  Many of you have made it a family tradition to get up at 3 a.m. and pile in the car to go shopping.  More power to you, I just don’t have the fortitude of walking through the mall with all those people wearing blinking sweaters and antlers.  I can proudly announce I have never owned any Christmas attire.. Rebel Dawg is the only one in my family forced to wear antlers and he hates it too.

For the 60th time, I will record my plan for being less bad in 2015.  If I have learned one thing it’s that I want to slow that epidemic called aging which has become a heroic journey of mythological proportions.  My one and only goal for the coming year is to figure out how to maintain a modicum of vitality and explore the deeper frontier of meaning at least 50 percent of the time.  The rest of the time my best pals (friends since the 50s) will be as bad as we can possibly be at this age. (We can still be pretty bad.)

peanut butter opie

To be less bad I pledge to quit cussing like a sailor at the talking head on the television or eating an entire peanut butter pie on Thanksgiving afternoon after all the guests go home.  (My Aunt Emma has begun bringing two pies so I can have one all to myself).  I have to fast for five days to make up for it but it’s worth the pain.

I will eat green vegetables at least once a week.  Oh, did I tell you about my new favorite thing?  Those once detestable Brussels sprouts have become my new passion since Braddock taught me to boil them with liquid crab boil.  Try it and you will instantly feel less bad.

3 thoughts on “Getting less bad

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I always make the resolution to be better that the year before. There is no measuring stick, it is personal. Upon reflection i can always see some areas I have improved and some where improvement is needed. That is what next year is for!

  2. Oh man, I’m with you regarding Black Friday. I don’t remember that being a “thing” growing up… when did that awful tradition start?

    Good luck with your black book. I use the tiny pieces of random paper method… which is doomed from the beginning. Have you ever tried one of those notes apps on your phone?

  3. Yes Janis, I’ve tried, but I guess my notes are too long and rambling for it to be feasible plus I have a fat index finger notes are garbled.

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