Getting out of Starkville? No easy way…

get outIf you’ve been looking for an intriguing and challenging idea for date night or birthday etc., have we got a deal for you!

“Get out of Starkville” opened this spring and it is a cross between voluntary incarceration and hunting for brain-challenging clues to get out!  If you can find your way out in 60 minutes you win.  If not, you lose.  My team was working on the last clue when time ran out. If we hadn’t had two engineers on our team, Marie, Phyllis and I would still be in there.

get out 2

The scenario for the challenge we were assigned to compete revolved around a mythical Dr. Hubert, a biomedical engineer at Mississippi State University.  We had broken into his lab because we heard rumors that he had created an airborne virus and plans to release mutations into the MSU – Starkville community.

Yikes!  I guess such a thing could happen in our world today.

We are led to believe the evil doctor has also developed an antidote to protect himself and we could become super heroes if we could unearth the half dozen clues to find the antidote in 60 seconds.

.There are several other challenges we will try next time.  One involves escaping an insane asylum.  Marie and I think we could have performed much better in that one because we’ve successfully escaped many similar situations. Many thanks to our friend Mike Frayser who owns the business and invited us to have a go at it.

(He also let us out when we could not escape by the rules.)


5 thoughts on “Getting out of Starkville? No easy way…

  1. What if you’re not IN Starkville? Do you have to sneak in so you can help rescue your friends who want to get OUT?

  2. Do you guys have “Geo Cache” there.. My niece did it, and loved it. Then she moved out of the area she was in, and I don’t think you can do it where she is.

  3. Yes, Paula My sons and I go often. I tag along for the exercise but there are many out in the woods and early spring is a great time to do it. I would be more interested if they would leave prizes.

  4. LOL….it was so much fun, however, as Emily said, she and I would still be there had it not been for our brilliant friends! Mike did tell us we could try the kindergarten challenge next time. Happy 4th🇱🇷

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