Gift cards in your wallet? Better use them up!

linens & things

Linens ‘n’Things scheduled to close – guess we’re using our old towels these days

As the Great Recession continues to spread around the globe, and the economy sinks deeper into a black hole, rumors of store closings abound.

I’ve been carrying around a gift card for Ruby Tuesday for several months and decided to go ahead and use it yesterday. Now, I don’t think Ruby Tuesday is in trouble, but many stores are reducing their expenses by closing unproductive stores. You never know when the one most convenient to you might be taken out.

I’ve tried to verify some of the rumored closings and the following seem likely:

*CircuitCity stores… Never been in one, so won’t hurt my feelings;

*Ann Taylor- closing some 100 stores…Too preppy for me anyway;

*Lane Bryant, Hate to see that close especially after Holiday calorie splurge…know I can always find something big enough to get me through til New Year diet begins!

store closing

*Dillard’s closing some stores. I hate that. The store closest to me in Tuscaloosa already closed much to my disappointment.

*GAP is reportedly closing 85 stores – haven’t shopped there since I hit menapause;

*Talbots closing down all stores, ditto for J. Jill – eeeh, not my favorites;

*Footlocker closing 140 stores more to close after January (Boy! I’m thinking of all these empty spaces which will begin popping up at the Malls. OH NO! THE MALLS! Could they be in trouble too?
*Bombay closing remaining stores – I haven’t seen one of these in a long time anyway;

*Macys to close 9 stores after January – Please don’t let it be Nashville or Birmingham! I LOVE Macy’s!
*Linens and Things closing all stores;
*Movie Galley Closing all stores – who cares. Does anyone rent movies anymore?
*JC Penney closing a number of stores after January;
*Sharper Image closing down all stores – no wonder, I couldn’t afford anything in that store, but sure was fun trying out those vibrating chairs;
*K B Toys closing 356 stores – no big loss since I’ve yet to get any grandchildren. If I’d been so lucky, I bet I could have kept this store from going under!

One thought on “Gift cards in your wallet? Better use them up!

  1. Hi Em,
    I’ve heard that if one has any problem with one of the electronic stores you mentioned, getting one of the remaining stores to honor a gift card, that one should go through their headquarters to get the store to accept it, and that that has worked in some cases — at least one, anyway.
    Soooo…don’t give up trying.

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