The Deluded Diva

Giving up the 9-9 job–back in heaven


Last night for the first time in three months I got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep with fluffy dreams of cotton candy and clouds, rather than people from outer space who speak a language I cannot understand.

Seriously.  Are the young still speaking English or is it some incarnation thereof which rather than being spoken, is shot off with machine-gun velocity.  I spent the last three months working with people one third my age and my job was made more difficult because of the lack of communication.  Most of the staff kept these plugs in their ears hooked up to something – I know not what. 

After agreeing to help out at the local newspaper for the past three months. I ’m so glad to be back among my own tribe where conversation is delightful and clear as a bell.  And I’ll never take for granted again the ability to piddle and putter to my heart’s content.  No deadlines, no more trying to make someone understand we cannot cover the fifth birthday of her chihuahua.

This morning Rebel and Lucky Dawg breathed a sigh of relief when I told them I get to stay with them today and we will dig in the garden and enjoy the sunshine.  When I become to serious and stressed my pets always come to my rescue.  Rebel nudges me to put on his leash and go “walky-talk” and kitty has stopped climbing the draperies which I’m sure was manifest by her feelings of abandonment.

Tugging at their leashes, they chase squirrels they will never catch and could care less that they’ve gained a few pounds over winter.  We could all learn a lesson from the animal kingdom never to drive ourselves crazy seeking perfection and never, ever, complain about a whole day with nothing to do.  Feels like heaven to me.

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