Go ahead, colorize your life


I occurs to me that people are similar to a box of crayons.  As a society we contain a full range of colors and subtleties, most of which we never use in our determination to play it safe and refrain from causing too many ripples on the sea of life.



Sometimes we forget we have all these possibilities at our disposal and decide not to use the bold vibrant colors which seem too risky or we fear they will bring unwanted attention to ourselves.  Too often we stick to the soft pastels or the boring basics such as black, brown, gray and beige, the latter of which I don’t consider a color at all.

I’m keeping my life colorful today.  I’m going to cook something purple and wear something orange. While I’m at it, I think I’ll let my life today be a dance rather than a wrestling match.  The beloved children’s song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently down the Stream” is playing on the tape deck in my head.  I may row gently today, but by George I’m wearing purple and orange. or some combination thereof. 

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is a close second.

5 thoughts on “Go ahead, colorize your life

  1. I haven’t seen one locally yet, but the current craze in some places is 5k Color Runs. At the finish, different bright colors are sprayied out across the road. It’s harmless food coloring I think. Anyway, you run through it and come out a many colored mess! My granddaughters (and their parents) have done it, and it looks like so much fun. Just think rainbow hair, multicolored clothes, paint spattered arms, legs, the entire body totally different than our normal every day humdrum. The kids tend to run around to different dispensers several times making sure to get the full experience. Oh how exciting to “row your boat” through blue, yellow, pink, orange, purple, etc. even for a little while. Let’s keep an eye out for a color run in our area and colorize ourselves!

  2. Well, it’s NOT food coloring during the Color Run, it’s colored corn starch. And there’re several runs scheduled for the area. . . so now we know. Google it, LOL. Jac

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