Go ahead, dream big!

dream bigger

So here I sit at this horribly advanced age (where I’ve been for 26 days) wondering where all the time went.  And why, for Pete’s sake, haven’t accomplished all the things I planned for myself.

Now that I’m practically grown up I am shocked and dismayed that I have only vague ideas of what it is I want. Then it came to be like a bolt out of the dark.  I’ve been working this thing from the outside in, instead of inside out.  I have been doing the external things like picking out new wall paint and eye make-up when I should have been addressing the hole in my soul..

dream big

Was it Sinclair Lewis or maybe Charlie Brown who once said  “Pursue your dreams because they are your intuitive connection to your God-given purpose.”

I lost sight of any real purpose as I danced along like a little drunken monkey armed with a pack of skittles and a Red Bull for sustenance. Throw in a little ADD and it’s no wonder I’ve been missing the point to…well, pretty much everything.

It took some serious excavation to pull up my dreams and clean them up for this next phase of life – which by the way is feeling like a mystery cruise to an undisclosed location in wildly unpredictable weather conditions.  But I’m hanging in.  My mind’s in the right place.  If I can just get my body to follow.

Ruthie tells me that she has found that walking for one hour each morning is a sure-fire way to merge the body and soul.  Her only problem is that her walking partner is of the canine persuasion and he has a serious smoking problem.  He stops to eat every cigarette butt he finds on the sidewalk.

Aren’t we all  missing the big score in life because we’re concentrating on the cigarette butts instead of that big bowl of kibble at the top of the hill?  Okay not a good analogy but you get the point

I’ll keep my lofty goals to myself for now, but today’s goal is to walk one hour and 30 seconds.  (Ruthie and I are rather competitive).



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