Going nuts over pecans

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This morning’s harvest….

If you are lucky enough to have pecan trees in your yard, you are in hog’s heaven this year. Not in my lifetime have I seen such a harvest. Every morning I go outside and gather the newly fallen nuts which are so crucial to Southern cooking.

I must have 20 pounds and they are still falling. Unfortunately these are not those big ole plump pecans – but what we call “natives.” This means they’re murder to shell but most people think they make the best cookin’ nuts.

Here’s a tip for easy shelling. You can remove pecan meat in one or two large pieces if you soak the nuts in cold water for two hours. Drain and allow to sit overnight. Crack shells open by hitting one end with a hard object. Stilettos don’t work so well. But my meat mallet is perfect.

Pecans may be refrigerated up to nine months or frozen for up to two years. Ooops. I’m still using some dated 2002 and they are just as delicious as they were six years ago. No joke.

And, please don’t call them Pee Cans’! That’s just not Southern, even though Paula Deen pronounces it that way. I think she’s putting on “airs” like she does when  finishing each and every sentence with Ya’ll. I’m as southern as it gets, but I don’t use Ya’ll except in every other sentence.

(Side note – Lisa, you and I have been conversing for ages but I’m not sure you’re the Lisa I once worked with at the SDN.. Is that you? If so, could you send me the recipe for your wonderful DOO DOO dip. I need it for a party.)

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