Good news for (ahem) older women!


I don’t know about the men, but for women around my age, exercising one day a week may be enough. Whopeedoo!  I think I can do that.

Grandmother-working-out-at-the-playground-05-634x751A study at the University of Alabama (Olivia, can you check the validity of this?) reveals that women over the age of 60 may need to exercise only one day a week to significantly improve strength and endurance.

The study monitored 63 women performing combined aerobic exercise and resistance training for 16 weeks.  One group did both one time a week; a second group exercised two times a week; and the third, three times a week.  There was no significant difference in improvement in muscular strength and cardiovascular function for any one group over the other.

I played golf today (sort of) at Old Waverly in the scorching sun, so I’m all done until next week.  No need to feel guilty if we don’t exercise everyday ever again.  Don’t you just love university research?

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  1. There are some pictures you should not share. I clawed my eyes out but the image is still in my brain.

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