Got my ‘Harvest Tree’ put up…finally

I began the tradition about 20 years ago of putting up a fall Harvest Tree around September 5 and it stays up till Thanksgiving night when it gets a wardrobe change to its Christmas finery.

I’m late this year because I’ve been waiting for pumpkins to arrive at local supermarkets, which is my cue to get out the fall decorations. Pumpkins, where are you?? Show yourselves and help us pretend this sweltering weather will soon be outa here!

Invariably some neighbor will stop by to ask if that’s my Christmas tree and why I’m jumping the gun. Can’t they see the little orange candy corn lights and miniature pumpkins and figure it out? Apparently not. But you should try this. It changes the atmosphere of your home as the beautiful fall glow floods through your living space.

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