Gotcha Gifts – the last resort

As we begin the final countdown for Christmas shopping, are you having trouble finding something for that person on your list who’s already got everything?


Maybe it’s time to consider “gotcha gifts” – those crazy quirky gifts that are clever, yet totally useless. Take the visorganizer – a revolutionary carry case for everything you need to make it through your day whether you’re a computer geek, a retired ship builder or a busy mom on the go.

It clips on the front of your favorite hat. And your gift recipient can pack it with up to 7 lbs. of stuff. No, the products aren’t real. But the empty boxes are. Wrap your otherwise forgettable gift in this gift box, and watch as the recipient struggles to feign enthusiasm for a hat-affixed organizer pocket. Or take joy as their faces fall upon realizing there is no such thing as a Visorganizerā€”just a gizmo inside you waited until the last moment to buy. I saw these on

mismatched socks Or, mismatched socks are real. These cozy, colorful socks are a perfect mismatch: Sharing the same hues and the same pattern, each sock exchanges colors for a chromatically congruous take on the classic case of mismatched socks. The color arrangements will vary for each sock. Really…life’s too short for matching socks. Knit and hand finished in Vermont by Marianne Wakerlin. The yarns are recycled cotton, dyed without the use of harmful chemicals. They sell for $18 at (If you’re looking for something for me, don’t bother. None of my socks match anyway.)

unbreslla Here’s another Gotcha to put under the tree with something mundane – like a new tie.

While the wacky and sharp-witted folks at the Onion suggest you put tacky bric-a-brac inside to disappoint the recipient, I think these are much more fun for gently teasing your loved ones. As they puzzle out why you thought they’d like a Make Your Own Umbrella Kit, or a 28-piece whisk set, you can smile knowing that when they open the box, they’ll find what they really wanted inside. You can check moreĀ  ideas at:

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