Growing legal "grass"

centerpiece 2

Just wanted you to see what Shirley, my garden “advisor,” is up to these days. She has begun a crop of grass – the legal kind.

I thought this was a pretty clever idea and am starting my own crop of grass – the rye variety – on my window sill. You just save up your shells and fill them with potting soil, sow the seeds and watch them grow. She reminded me to be sure to puncture the shells with a straight pin for drainage.

I was thinking this would be a great idea for an Easter centerpiece. You could group two or three cartons together and place some dyed eggs on the grass. I’m anxious to see how fast they develop. What do you think Shirley? When should we sow the seeds to be ready for an Easter centerpiece on April 12, I believe.

So all you gardeners out there, here’s a way to keep your fingers dirty during the cold winter months. I like the idea illustrated below – gardener placed the shells in “egg cups.” I once had egg cups but they’ve disappeared. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen an egg cup in years. Do they still make them? Anyone have a few I could borrow?

2 thoughts on “Growing legal "grass"

  1. I only have 4, they are pastel colored, but you are welcome
    to borrow them. Better yet, you can have them. I am trying
    to “down Size” all my “stuff”.

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