Growing spuds in old tires


Thought you all might be interested in this. Jane sent me a potato-growing tip she recently picked up from a lady who has used this method for planting potatoes for years. It’s also a great use for old tires…

You take a tire and fill it with dirt, then plant as many potatoes as allowed for the space. When the vines grow to roughly 3 feet, then you lift the vines and pull them up thru another tire, fill with dirt around the vine, and so on and so on until you have 4 tires on top of each other filled with dirt. Shoots will take off in each tire from the vine from the base tire. During the summer months you have a beautiful cascading vine and when it dies back, you simply pull the potatoes.

Backwoods Home Magazine also mentions using old tires. Since we are fairly limited on garden space I am always looking for a way to grow things vertically. This tire method seemed to fit the bill. The procedure is fairly simple.

  1. Cover the ground with a thick mulch (newspapers 1 inch thick)
  2. Place a tire on the mulch
  3. Fill the tire with compost / soil
  4. Plant the potatoes in the soil in the tire
  5. When potatoes grow tall enough stack another tire on top and fill with more soil
  6. Repeat step 5 as the potatoes grow

The idea here is that potatoes will keep growing inside each tire as you add one to the stack. I’m not sure how high you can stack them but I am going to try to go to four tires high.

Now, does anyone know where I can buy potato seeds?

2 thoughts on “Growing spuds in old tires

  1. Actually, you are looking for seed potatoes- you plant the eyes!

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