The Deluded Diva

Happiness is a muscle, use it or lose it


I’m taking a break from my vegetarian soapbox to declare this week National Happiness Week.  You’re the first to know, because I just dreamed it up about five minutes ago.  But doesn’t this week seem l like the perfect time to celebrate happy times as families gather across the country for Thanksgiving.? 

(But I will take this small commercial break to suggest that one of the reasons I’m so happy and optimistic is because I’m not eating Henny Penny or Bessie the Cow any longer.)

There’s always something to celebrate even in the worst of times, and happiness is a decision we make. .  A lot of people seem addicted to suffering and have a habit of picking people apart and pointing out the worst in all situations.  I know because I used to be one.

My BFA Marie and I were just talking this very afternoon afternoon about how we’ve learned the secret of contentment.  We puzzled over why it took so long.  But I guess it takes what it takes and better late than never, I always say.

Funny thing, just talking about our happiness made me happy.  I actually awoke this morning a little off my game, but as we talked about this new (ahem) maturity we have found, I began to feel that little bubble of happiness in my soul.  Or maybe it was the vegetarian navy bean soup I served for lunch – I’m not sure. 

I even joined the Secret Society of Happy People today.  No joke.  No dues, no rules, just share ideas on living the joyous life.  Google it and you can join too.  It’ll be something to add to your resume. 

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