Have you laughed today?


At dawn I had to drive over to a rental property and with a big bucket, begin dipping water out of a shower.

Now, understand, this is not a regular occurrence – but one of my favorite tenants had to go out of town and her drain froze over yesterday.

Since we must drip the pipes to keep them from freezing and bursting, I agreed to drive over

211-752-buckets-miragoane-haiti every eight hours and do some dipping, so she wouldn’t be flooded when she returns.  Begrudgingly, I put an overcoat over my nightgown and drove across down to do my chore before I’d had my coffee.

As I dipped and dumped, I was inexplicably overcome with giggles.  Is this what my life has come to?  By now I thought I’d have a manager to do this grunt work.  I certainly thought I’d have better things to do on a Sunday morning.  But the humor of it all released the stress surrounding frozen pipes, etc.

One of the most powerful stress relievers out there is laughter.  When I returned to my cozy lair just now I had an e-mail from Annie inquiring about my “name change.”  I was puzzled.  Had I written somewhere that I was changing my name?  That was the second e-mail I’ve received with that same question.

“Okay, okay…..I figured it out,” wrote Annie this morning. “My friend in Kentucky who has been reading your blog must have read the one about where, in two more months,  you won’t be a Jones but a whitehead.” (It referred to a comment about needing hair color).”

“She thinks you’re marrying some guy with the last name of Whitehead,” continued Annie.  “Oh, I’m going to go laugh myself to sleep…..not because you’re not getting married, but because she didn’t GET it!  You aren’t getting married, are you?  If so, the laugh is on me. hahahahaha,”

Glad I could give you a good laugh, Annie.  You will be healthier tomorrow.  Just call me Dr. Whitehead.

Although you probably can’t laugh off depression, one of the many benefits of laughter and a sense of humor is that they buffer you against the negatives of life that could lead to depression. As an added bonus, studies show that people who use humor to fight stress also feel less lonely and more positive about themselves.

teddy When I feel down in the dumps I can call my friends Lulu or Putt, and get instant comic relief from whatever is bugging me. They are blessed with raucous senses of humor and an hour with them is better than a day at the Spa.

Lulu is my new friend who recently moved to Starkville. She is my age and has never had children.  Sick of the questions about being childless, she placed an infant seat in her car and drives around with a Teddy Bear in the seat.  That always cracks me up!

2 thoughts on “Have you laughed today?

  1. Hmmm, I was thinking more in terms of putting in a gun rack!
    Maybe the teddy bear would be a little more subtle. Ya think?


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