Having a “pioneer woman moment”


An odd-wad collection of my homegrown tomatoes has been building on the center island. I’ve waited patiently for inspiration on how to use them before they become compost. I can’t stand tomato peels and these were almost too small to peel.


Today, I got myself in gear. I made homemade tomato sauce!  Yes, me.  The woman who can barely open a can of tomato sauce with my newfangled can opener learned how to blanch tomatoes, peel, crush and create something that almost looks edible.


I went foraging in my herb garden and came up with a poultice of garlic, basil, oregano, thyme and something I couldn’t identify but it looked pretty in the mix. (oh gee, I hope it isn’t that poison stuff. I kept repeating to myself ” leaves of three let them be.”.

I simmered, tested, added some more stuff and came up with a smashing mixture I think will be good after it has time to age a bit.  And my face didn’t swell up one bit.

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