Having fun can be exhausting for deluded divas.

The girls of West Point High School (class of 65) had a rather large time over the weekend as they gathered at a remote location to whoop it up a little bit. Somewhere along the way we lost three classmates. If anyone sees Olivia, Beth or Betty Lynn, please call me collect.

Line at the outhouse!

The escape weekend was held at a fabulous log cabin deep in the woods of Monroe County. Non stop 60s tunes played on the elaborate sound system that we actually learned to operate this time around. A year ago when we gathered at the same location, not a single person could figure out how to load the CD player.

I have a goose egg the size of Texas on my head from trying to do “the Bump” with my friend Marie. I think we weren’t using the right end.

We also celebrated the birthdays of three classmates who have reached the dreaded age of fifty-eleven. The birthday cake was a “Ding Dong Cake” – made by stacking four boxes of Ding Dongs in tiered layers and punctuated with strawberries on steroids. Some of these berries were four inches in diameter!

The group has become known as “The Marganitas” in honor of an old hang out from their high school days. Three new members were inducted into the club on Saturday evening. The ritual involves fire and ice and a lot of hocus pocus.

I had to come home and go to bed for the first time in three days. It will be Wednesday before I recover. For sure we can’t do this more than a couple of times a year, but we’re building a whole new set of memories to replace the ones we have begun to forget. The fifties will do that to ya! Boy do I dread the sixties.

Every one of the deluded divas drove a white SUV! What’s that about?

Ding Dong, the witch is alive and fifty-eleven.


View from our back porch was breath-taking

The cabin has an honest to goodness outhouse – but indoor plumbing as well. (l-r)the group includes Ruthie Weathers, Norma Atkins, Lota Mitchell, Kathy Wood, Emily Jones, Marie Portera, Barbara Bryan and Linda Aultman. Olivia Portera, Betty Lynn Cameron and Beth Hooker were mysteriously missing. We haven’t found them yet!

Newly inducted into the Marganita Club included Kathy Wood, Barbara Bryan

and Lota Mitchell (seated). We have a complete wardrobe of queenly accoutrements.

The all-girl’s weekend included one captive male – Jimmy Henley at right. I guess

you could call him our “boy toy.”

Norma Atkins, seated, played hostess to the group -the cabin belongs to her brother Larry Clark. His wife Lisa is an interior decorator who has created an environment which is both homey and tasteful. You really shouldn’t call it a cabin.

6 thoughts on “Having fun can be exhausting for deluded divas.

  1. No ones does a better job of captivating our “Marganita Mania” than you! The pictures and your journaling will truly keep these memories alive for us forever! It will take me weeks to recover from this week-end. I promise to never “do you know what.” Love you bunches Sista!

  2. Looks like fun was had by all!! I am soooooooooooo jealous of you young things!!

  3. Glad to see that something we “older” girls have done has had a good impression on all of you! If you think the 50’s are fun, just wait until you are lucky enough to be over 60! The fun has just begun!
    By the way, we wouldn’t DARE let anyone journal our happenings on the internet–waaaaaay too much information–we have our reputations to protect(ha, ha)!!

  4. I had no idea you had this site….I love it, had mom not been down with the “broken hip” I probally would have never even found out….this is a hoot!! I love the pictures of everyone having the time you deserve, it’s so great to see everyone still as close as you were in school! I remember some of you personally but I do remember all the names!! I’m tagging along one day soon!!!

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