The Deluded Diva

Here’s a tough assignment for you

kidsOkay.  Pretend you are a mere child splashing in the ocean without one single thought about your future.

You’re maybe seven  or eight  and just getting to the stage where other people are trying to impose their expectations on you.. (You can’t possibly be a fire-woman, what would grandma think?)

What advice would the old geezer in you (who has been around the block a few times) give that innocent little child whose experience was limited only by his/her imagination.


So what’s your best advice?  Someone asked me that yesterday and my first response was 1) Floss every day and 2) Go to plumber’s school.  I wish I had done both.

But then I began to get into the game.  II would say to myself “You snotty nosed little twat, pull yourself together and stand up for yourself!  You are shaping up to be a people pleasing welcome mat and it will give you a lifetime of frustration.  Don’t do ANYTHING  just to make someone else happy or earn their love.

I would tell her to follow her heart no matter how unpopular that might be.  I would tell her money is a necessary evil but it’s not THE thing.  I would tell her not to marry the first man who asks her after college graduation and overhearing her mother speculate that she would become an old maid.    That never turns out good, but you can get some fabulous children.

I would tell her to never ever smoke a cigarette because it would make her a slave and one day she would find herself standing outside her office building smoking a cig in the rain.  That’s such a sad sight and I don’t see many men doing it.  Wonder if they have a secret place.

I would tell her to cultivate close friendships which will carry her joyfully through the years and prove to be more supportive than family in some cases.  We don’t get to pick our families but friends are ours for the picking and before you know it you’re think of them like family.

So, what would you say to your little starry-eyed self?

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