Hey you know what? The meal measure works!

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A few weeks ago, I made light of a new gizmo that forces you to measure your food and lose weight. Well, believe it or not, I got the gizmo and it works. I went to a barbeque today where there was so much food you couldn’t begin to eat it all. My friend Jill and I used the meal measure and ate only what it allowed. We thought we were being deprived but we weren’t. We were totally saturated and didn’t even want dessert. Well, sort of not.

My new cyberfriend,Patty, invented it and it’s available at specialty food stores. You can log on to http://wcco.com/local/weight.loss.minnesota.2.623563.html

(Megan, above, filled her plate with what she thought she might want to eat, and Jill (lower left) used the meal measure. You can see the difference at right.) Honestly, we didn’t want any more than that!

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