High Five for Moms


I subscribe to a morning reflection delivered each day to my e-mail inbox.  It always gives me something to think about during those down periods – like when I’m stuck in the line at the post office (I know better to go at noon when all the agents go to lunch leaving one brand new employee to handle the busiest time of day – but that’s a subject for another day.)


Today, Chuck Swindoll discussed the talents required by a mother – may I add grandmothers to the list since I am closest to that generation these days.

“What does motherhood require?,” asks Chuck. 

“Transparent tenderness, authentic spirituality, inner confidence, unselfish love, and self-control,” he answers.   “Quite a list, isn’t it? Almost more than we should expect. Perhaps that explains why Erma Bombeck used to say that motherhood takes 180 movable parts and 3 pairs of hands and 3 sets of eyes . . . and, I might add, the grace of God.”

To you grandmothers – Remember the Skin Horse in The Velveteen Rabbit? All his stuffing was starting to come out, his hair had been "loved off," but how valuable he was! . . . I’m not insinuating your hair has been loved off or that you’re falling apart but the analogy is appropriate.

Velveteen mothers (and grandmothers) turn out fragile, selfish, untouchable children. But unselfish, giving, secure moms (and grandmothers) somehow manage to deposit healthy, wholesome kids into our lonely, frightened society.

(Source:  Chuck Swindoll at www.insight.org.)

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