Holy Jambalaya!


A little bit of Mardi Gras seeped into my North Mississippi hometown  tonight when Father John Bohn cooked up a mess of his special brand of Jambalaya.  After all he is  a priest, so we proclaimed it Holy Jambalaya. No question it was divinely inspired.

Holy Jambalaya 010

I’ve had Jambalaya a million ways, but this was the best. And it came from a Yankee priest from Nebraska.  Go figure.

I had a front row seat during the preparations and I have the secret recipe.  I don’t want to give it out, but let me give you a hint.  One secret ingredient is Campbell’s French Onion Soup and Campbell’s  Beef Consume.  He brought this recipe east from the Delta where he once served in a Washington County Parish.  We are lucky to have him in the hills – we want to put him in a cage and never let him leave.

Holy Jambalaya 017 Fr. John has been with us for three years now.  This “galloping chef” thing is a brand new wrinkle in his resume. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him walk on water –  but more likely he would be laughing at himself for trying. Father John has energized the religious community and restored my faith in God and the goodness we can find by flying closer to the flame of our faith.

And boy, can he make a mean pot of Jambalaya!? I may be willing to share the recipe, but I’d better get his permission first.

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