Holy Moly, Marie’s back home!


I was worried about Marie.  She took off to the Holy Land one week to the day before Bin Laden was caught and extinguished.  I lost sleep about her being in an area of the world where things are uncertain.

She found her spot of safety – the Mount of Temptation and hung on for dear life.

It must have worked, Marie is home safe and sound and in love with the places she visited and the guides (all male of course) who took her there.

Marie made huge memories.  She road a camel and floated in the Dead Sea. How many of us can say that?

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At some point Marie (pictured below) turned evangelist and probably raised enough money to fly back home.  Don’t you think she looks way better than Tammy Faye?

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Marie and her sister, Phyllis, are pictured below in a bluff overlooking Jerusalem.


Well, here’s the deal.  Marie, Judy, Jill and I had a three hour lunch today and decided that we must do a trip together next year – one where we don’t have to run a marathon, hike up a mountain chain or sleep on an air mattress.

Our 65th year on the planet calls for something amazing .. . and Italy is calling.

6 thoughts on “Holy Moly, Marie’s back home!

  1. Marie, we must compare notes someday. I want to go back. Emily you can go too! It is a wonderful experience.

  2. We had the most amazing time….it was truly “the trip” of a lifetime. I feel so blessed to have experienced the trip with such a fantastic group and especially, my sister. I brought back tons of mud from the Dead Sea to lather in….I’ll share it with you. They said it works better than the coffee grounds you gave me to put on my face! ha I’m in negotiations to have a camel shipped over….lot cheaper than our current gas prices and fun to ride. Hopefully, I can get the tour guide to come with it!!!!!!!!!!

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