Homebody heaven

imagesHello, my name is Emily and I’m a homebody. I look for any excuse to stay home especially on cold wintry nights which seem to descend around mid-afternoon this time of the year.  A broken bra strap works everytime.

Will all you homebodies out there, please stand up?  See?  I knew I wasn’t the only one, and its taken me a long time to admit that home and hearth are like heaven on earth for me. Well, unless it’s really messy, then I go to be a homebody at someone else’s home.

Most people seem to prefer jaunts on the high seas where people sometimes get pushed overboard or throw up during the entire cruise. Others prefer jetting to far away places where they plunk down thousands of bucks for a cramped seat and a bag of peanuts.

My first husband wanted to drop out of society, buy a motor home and see the USA.  I liked the dropping out part, but going to the powder room over Route 66 terrified me.

These past few days with gully-washing rains followed by a winter snow storm which never quite materialized in the Deep South were just delicious. Without guilt I puttered around in my pajamas till dinner time when I dressed up in my best sweats.  I tossed all sorts of things in the slow cooker and came up with dishes never before created. My zucchini chocolate marshmallow casserole was delicious if you don’t mind green things in your chocolate.

I was able to piddle and putter to my heart’s content and I had ample time to “Moodle” in the words of my role model, the late Brenda Ueland, who began her writing career a century ago. She’s the one who walked nine miles a day and practiced her handstands in her late eighties. I have all two of her books and read them over the over.

Brenda confirms that one cannot “moodle” properly in a crowd.  It is done preferably in the bed in the early morning with a pen and composition notebook in hand.  That’s when you can reorder your priorities and tweak your life plan.  I do it on a daily basis which is why my life seems to have no direction, but it does, sort of.

moodlingDuring my moodling period I was able to spend some quality time with Rebel, Lucky Dawg and the newly adopted Pee-Diddy the Cat.  We watched Netflix, played games, and had long one-sided conversations.  (I love it when everyone agrees with me.)

I was shocked to awaken in the middle of the second night to find that my brand new Central Air System had gone on the blink for the third time. It was 52 degrees IN THE HOUSE and the noise that woke me up was my teeth chattering.  I headed to my living room at 3 a.m. and turned on the fireplaces at each end of the space. We all crowded in Big Red (my favorite chair) and launched our personal “snow day”.

Hey -The Guvment gives their employees snow days all the time whether or not its actually coming down.  So I’m following their lead again today.  Checking the fridge, all I have is head of cauliflower, some picante sauce, a bag of pepperoni and a hunk of Parmesan cheese.  Hmmm, bet that will be a good  “Crotch Pot” invention.

If you’re lucky enough to get a “snow day”, savor it, and cast the guilt to the blustery west winds.









  • Reading a good or challenging book, or reading a whole series of books

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2 thoughts on “Homebody heaven

  1. I just love living vicariously thru you! I want to keep my pjs on till late afternoon, but I sweat too much! Hunker down my friend…ps-you had on makeup at Vowells! No fair!

  2. Love the term moodling and the last phrase in the last sentence. Thanks for sharing your wonderful perspectives, looking up brenda ueland now

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