Hooray! The pumpkins have arrived!

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I had to make that dreaded weekly trip to Wal-mart today and I’m glad I did. Greeting us was a huge bin of the most perfect pumpkins on the planet. I selected two of the plumpest, and I’ll be making weekly trips from now to Halloween to add to my collection.

I can’t explain my fascination and delight with this colorful vegetable. It’s probably because their arrival heralds my favorite season. To make things even better, we experienced fall-like temperatures today. I don’t think it made it out of the 70s. This is unheard of in Mississippi for early September. I’m thinking of cutting the AC down low and putting a fire in the fireplace.

Now – let me tell you what to do to make your pumpkins last until the New Year. I leave them around the yard until the day after Thanksgiving when I spray them gold. I tie a big red ribbon around their stems and put them in my wheel barrow. Voila! Christmas decorations.

On the day after Christmas I select the best three and spray them white. They are impaled on a rod of rebar, and topped with a hat and scarf. I even have a pipe I push into the pumpkin head which by now is getting a little squishy. In about four days they will begin to “melt” just like Frosty.

This is when the miracle begins. I leave old Frosty alone and allow him to turn himself into compost. By May you will begin to see pumpkin vines pushing through the soil. They are quite beautiful and if you can keep them watered and fertilized, you can get a few smallish pumpkins by July.

If I could figure out a way to stack Frosty without breaking the skin, I bet I could paint them pastel in the spring and call them Easter eggs. You can call me Martha. It’s a very good thing…

2 thoughts on “Hooray! The pumpkins have arrived!

  1. I am so impressed with all your different uses of pumpkins– I have seen the “Frosty” and he is too cute!! Now why don’t you have them growing somewhere — could have sworn they were going to produce out of the old bathtub?

  2. Yup. Grew a fabulous crop of pumpkin foliage – no pumpkins (not enough sun, I’m sure.) Wondering if I could cook up a mess of the pumpkins greens with some fatback and cornbread. Do you volunteer to try them?

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