Hopelessly lost in love

This piece could also be titled โ€œWhat to do when Hurricane Barry drives you inside.โ€

I am head-over-heels, and hopelessly and completely besotted with actor Martin Clumes…I even dreamed about him last night. (I was taking him to a Mississippi State football game and he brought along a solid gold cowbell!)

The object of my undying love is currently starring in “”William and Mary”, an 18-episode drama now showing on Amazon Prime. I assure you, he is in no way like the ill-adjusted and socially-impaired Doc Martin. I have purposely avoided watching him in other roles because the hapless doctor was so disturbing to me

This has got to be the most wonderful series I’ve watched this year. Satisfyingly poignant and refreshingly charming, this has justified my prime membership. The object of my affection co-stars with Scottish actor Julie Graham who you may have seen in “Shetland”. The couple has chemistry you rarely see especially in those predictable Hallmark movies they roll out like cheap toilet paper,

Martin plays an unlikely undertaker and His “Mary” is a midwife. So she brings people into a world while Martin escorts them into the great hereafter. The 18-episode British series is like a great book you can’t put down. So people, as you face a three day washout while Hurricane Barry rolls across the state, you can put some popcorn in the microwave and settle down for a movie binge without guilt!

Stay safe everyone.


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  1. We have all missed you! So glad you are back. I used to get an email when you posted, but I just happened to type in the website to see if you had added anything recently and there you were! I’ll look for the “subscribe” link ๐Ÿ™‚

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