Houseboat living – a new experience awaits deluded divas

I’ll be making my home here for the next few days, gathering information for a book on house boat living. That makes a total of five books I’m writing at the moment…a murder mystery (maybe I can set it on a houseboat), my Dad’s memoirs of 60 years practicing medicine, a cookbook called “Life’s Too Short to eat Brown Bananas,” a book about growing up in the 50s called “Women of Clay” and a pictorial history of the vanishing old South. I’ve probably written five pages on each of the books. As usual my attention deficit disorder is keeping me from focusing on any one.

Seriously though, this trip will be just the right prescription for the “fun deprived.” The popularity of houseboats is gaining strength as time goes by, especially in the United States. They have become a primary option for families and friends who would want to take a break from their daily routines and try something new. Some people would take the idea of living in a houseboat to a whole different level and turn it into a way of life like my friend Carole who lives in Austin, Texas. She has a conventional home in the city, but she and her husband escape on weekends to the houseboat which is moored on some nameless body of water about 20 miles outside of Austin.

Five of my girlfriends and I will be flying to Austin early in the morning for four fun-filled days in the Texas sun. Of course, I will be updating Deludeddiva from the boat if I don’t drown or something. Bon voyage.

2 thoughts on “Houseboat living – a new experience awaits deluded divas

  1. Have a great time and take lots of pictures!
    I can’t wait to hear the stories from your trip.
    Please tell everyone hello, and I hope to see them all soon!
    We’re the greatest class alive!
    We’re the class of ’65!

  2. sounds like sooo much fun! i hope you all enjoy all the friendship, food and fun you can cram into one trip.can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

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