How ‘Bout a chili cookoff?

chili_cookoff_sigg_water_bottleYou know how cheap I am.  Gary Flo-mop asked me to handle refreshments for the big Halloween dance for alums of dear old West Point High on Oct. 26.

So I dreamed about it, and instead of a nightmare it gave me an easy way out.  In my dream we were holding a chili cookoff and crotch pots were lined up around the perimeter of Teen Town.


What a brilliant idea, I thought.  I won’t have to do a thing except throw down a batch of my favorite chili and get a couple of dozen others to agree to do the same.  Maybe I’ll get Mitchell Buick to throw in a car as first prize.

There are some fabulous cooks in my class and I think we should pit the classes against each other.   Judy Mosely, I’m coming after you! I’m a lousy cook, but for some reason I make a mean batch of chili.  Let me know if there is already such an event in The Point or if you think you have winning recipe in your repertoire.

Gary and I talk several times a day, and he’s thinking about working up some t-shirts so we won’t have to worry about what to wear.  I told him since it is Halloween season, we should require all the “girls” to come without make-up.

BOO! Now get your crotch pot out of mothballs, fall isn’t all that far away.

3 thoughts on “How ‘Bout a chili cookoff?

  1. Martha, that’s what Kate Robert’s housekeeper always calls the crock pot. “Miss Kate, let’s cook something today in the crotch pot.” She’s the same one who dusted Kate’s mantel and replaced her Christmas NOEL blocks to read “Leon.” Kate, who now lives in Columbus, is still in my book club and she always has a new laugh for us.

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