How to avoid “resting bitch face”


Haven’t you seen people who seem to have a perpetual “bitch face” – scowl lines around the mouth and the number 11 embedded between their eyebrow?  I just discovered when I’m not smiling – I have both. 

The make-up mega-monster, Lancôme, claims that society is becoming less youth obsessed. But from my vantage point (at  the top of a twisted old tree), I don’t see it. I’m still avoiding aging at any cost, and I’ve tried practically every new product rolled out by Lancôme to no avail.

dermot mulrooneyA cheaper and more effective system for avoiding the dreaded RBF syndrome can be the result of the most simple activity – daydreaming.  I spend several hours each day daydreaming – like when I’m in the check out line at a understaffed Walmart and the guy in front of me has four months worth of groceries.  I know full well the clerk will have to change the adding machine tape when  my turn coms, so I can so I can safely begin a juicy daydream involving Dermot Mulroney.

You’ve probably never heard of Mulroney but he is the hunky guy who played in “The Wedding Date” which I watch about once a month. The things we do together in my mind not only battles the RBF syndrome but  totally makes up for my deficient love life.  Give it a try – just don’t use Dermot, he’s mine!

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