How to make a marriage last

Couple talking park in Germany

If you’re a boomer and still married to your first spouse – congratulations.  You must be doing something right!

If, however, the road is a bit rocky, or you’ve already been through several marriages, here are a few things Cosmopolitan Magazine suggests to spice things up a bit, or snuff out the fireworks, if that’s the problem:

talking #1.) Act out of character: Couples develop a predictable dynamic in the way they interact with one another. Breaking that dynamic in a positive way can make the relationship feel like new . . . all over again.

#2.) Lots of physical contact: And I don’t just mean in the bedroom. Little things like holding hands reinforce your affection and can make you feel closer on an instinctive level.

#3.) Take turns talking: Make sure that when one person is talking, the other is listening . . . and that you each get a chance to say what’s on your mind.

#4.) Find common ground: You’re different people . . . and you’re not going to agree on everything. But if you’re both clear about what you want and need . . . you should be able to find a happy medium.

#5.) Be more positive than negative: It’s easy to be negative . . . and sometimes it’s even fun. But negativity is a cancer . . . and it can destroy your relationship.

#6.) Echo each other: In an argument, it’s easy to get sidetracked thinking about how you’re going to respond. To make sure you don’t do that, repeat what the other person said . . . so they know you’re actually paying attention.

#7.) Take a time-out: We all have our quirks and flaws. But instead of letting your partner’s annoying habits drive you crazy . . . walk away and try to remind yourself of all the stuff you like about him or her.

#8.) Have one another’s back: You might not always agree with your partner . . . but you’re a team and you need to know you can count on each other when it really matters.

#9.) Give gifts for no reason: You have to give gifts on birthdays and holidays. But a gift is even more special . . . if you give it for no reason at all.

#10.) Be a good date: Relationships can get stale. Make sure yours stays fresh by doing fun stuff together . . . like going to concerts, or how bout learning a foreign language?

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